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Computer Security
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PC Security Tips

Kyprofessional has a long list of security tips for our customers. For many people browsing the internet is like trying to navigate a mine field. Unfortunately we must rely upon various programs and basic practices in order to help keep our computers running well.

We have decided to post a few links that are to reputable security software manufacturers in order to help you browse the internet without having to worry as much about internet cooties.

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Computer Hardware Tips

Troubleshooting computer systems can be a very difficult process. It is a good idea to setup your system to monitor the health of your hard drives if at all possible. Setting up hard drive health monitoring differs a little depending upon who manufactures your system board otherwise known as the motherboard.

Setting up the Hard drive monitoring on your system can prevent data loss, corruption, and in general massive headaches. The process does take up some system resources but the payoff is worth it.

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We have professionals that are highly skilled in computer repair, custom computer systems, networking, home and business automation, surveillance systems, and more. With over 50 years of combined experience Kyprofessional.com is here to help you with your home or business needs.

We srive to provide a customer centered approach to the services we offer. Unlike many providers in the industry we begin our work by speaking to you and then developing a plan to help you resolve whatever issue you are facing. sometimes it is as simple as a virus scan; however, there are times when a multi-step approach is needed to resolve an issue and rest assured that our team will work dilligently to provide services which are catered to your specific needs.

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Affiliate Programs

We are firmly committed to local business therefore we have decided to begin offering advertising space to our local small business owners. In this way we help promote jobs in the area and improve the local community.

If you would like to advertise your business on our site feel free to visit the Contact us page.