About Us

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We are a small group of technicians that have in excess of 50 years of combined computer, networking, automation, and business experience.

Our first goal was to stick to traditional values which have made America great. We take a lot of pride in our work and take a very personal approach to each project we undertake. There is nothing like the personal touch to providing a service. Secondly our charges are dependent upon an ethical approach to business.




After spending years in the field we have decided to offer the following services...

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PC Repair

Is your computer acting up? It might be a virus or some other type of malware. We will gladly look over your computer and clear them out.

Sometimes a system will act up and it's a hardware issue. We handle that too. Whatever is causing you trouble with your computing needs we will gladly lend a hand.

In order to better assist you we ask that if your system is scheduled for pickup please have your computer operating disk as well as any software that may need to be reinstalled handy.  Here is a small but handy checklist...

  • Your windows disk if your computer came with one
  • Your anti-virus install disk
  • Other software install disks if you want them put back on your computer

Please be aware that asking for the disks is just for insurance in the case that a drive has failed or the malware/ virus is so deeply rooted that a clean reinstall is the only option.


Networking & Automation

Do you need a custom NAS box or server? Are you having problems with your home or small business network?  Maybe you would like to have a few extra options in your home.  Setting up your home so that when you leave the heating system automatically adjusts, the lighting turns off as needed, a surveillance system that you can control from your smart phone or anywhere that you can log onto the web.  Yes we can do that too.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the options available to you.



We have been working in various industries for a combined total of approximately 50 years.  Our experience ranges from automation and programming to electro-mechanical systems.  If you would like for us to come out and help you improve the efficiency of your process give us a call.  Also if there is something that has been driving you nuts we will be more than happy to come out and help you nail down the issue.

So why hire us? The answer is simple really. Not only do we have extensive experience in the field performing various tasks from the floor to the office but we also focus on giving our clients the personal touch whenever we take on a project. Unlike many consultants we firmly believe that you are the authority and we are there to help provide a different perspective upon the issues your facility faces. When you contact us our first priority is to get to know the process and the people involved therein. You are involved in every step of the development process. We are very proud of our work and want to make certain that you are completely satisfied. It is for that very reason that we believe in an in depth approach to process optomization.