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Online Anti-malware Scanner

Kyprofessional now offers a few online "web based" antimalware scanners.  The first one listed below is from our friends over at bit defender.  We have been following them for several years and have been impressed with their ability to scrub a system.  Online scanners or web based scanners, whichever way you wish to designate them, are more secure than the solutions which are hosted on home systems.  If you have access to an internet connection then using one of these every week or two will really add to your computing peace of mind.

Memory Scanner
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Crucial Memory Scanner

We know that you may be wondering about what type of memory is compatible with your system.  The awesome folks over at Crucial Memory have a browser based scanner which will tell you everything you need to know.

There are two versions of the scanner.  One is a download and the other is an online browser based scanner.  The online version requires Active X controls and Internet Explorer.  We are providing a link to the site to make finding the correct type of memory for your computer easy.

Crucial Memory Online Scanner

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AMD/ ATI graphics driver

Here is yet another good source of information for you.  By following the image link to the left or at the bottome of this section you will be directed to the AMD/ ATI video driver auto detect area.  It is a good practice to check in with them to see if there are any critical bugs or performance improvements available.

AMD Drivers auto-detect page

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Free Downloadable Scanners

On the attached page you will find several free downloads from our friends over at Trend Micro.  These tools are an excellent addition to any malware prevention and cleaning kit.

If you think your system is infected feel free to visit the Trend Micro Free Tools page.

ESET Online malware scanner
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ESET Free Scanner

Now the guys over at ESET are known for being the howitzer of anti-malware software companies.  They've been racking up awards for their scan engine for years and their dedication to your online safety shows.  That is why we have included them on our list of applications and online services page

If you think your system is infected feel free to visit the ESET Online Scanner download page.